656th Radar Squadron, Saratoga Springs, NY
Dedicated to the preservation of the 656th Radar Squadron memories
by the veterans of the Saratoga Air Force Station.
Old Radar men never die - Their echos fade away in accordance with the inverse forth power law.

USAF Air Defense Command 656th


Our Vets Then and Now Vets Photos of our vets back in the day and now
1950's 1953 Squadron Photo
1956 Squadron Photo
Member submitted Photos
1960's 1962 Squadron Photo
1965 Squadron Photo
Member submitted Photos
1970's Member submitted Photos  
2007 Site photos from Dave Fiedler  
  Site Visit
  Lake George Cruise
First Reunion - Saratoga Springs, NY
2014 Reunion Second Reunion - Saratoga Springs, NY
2015 Historic Marker Dedication
Site Visit
656th Vets at  Iceland Reunion
2016 2016 Site Visit 
Third Reunion - Branson, MO
Videos 1964 Ski Tow, Taken by Major MacMonagle

646th Cold War Video

Historic Marker Dedication

2016 ReunionVideo Tribute for the 656th Vets 
Thank You Pat MacMonagle

Another site's video.

Thanks to Dave and Deron - GREAT Job!

From the 3rd Reunion

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