656th Radar Squadron, Saratoga Springs, NY
Dedicated to the preservation of the 656th Radar Squadron memories
by the veterans of the Saratoga Air Force Station.
Old Radar men never die - Their echos fade away in accordance with the inverse forth power law.

USAF Air Defense Command 656th

656th Radar Squadron Historic Marker

22 September, 2015 the Dedication ceremony for the Historic Marker was held at the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs, NY.  The following morning the marker was informally installed by our 656th Veterans at the corner of Route 70 and Radar Road.  We wish to extend our sincere thanks to all those who contributed to make this marker happen and to the 656th Veterans for their dedicated service to our country.  Please enjoy the Photos and feel free to submit your photos to doc@saratogaradar.org.

Historic marker

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